Tuesday, October 08, 2013

~ An idealist: Ladar Levison ~

We haven't heard much about Snowden in the past few months. None of the mainstream media is reporting on his whereabouts nor what he is up to in Russia. Mr Snowden is off limelight for now.

"Levison believes that when the government was faced with the choice between getting information that might lead it to its target in a constrained manner or expanding the reach of its surveillance, it chose the latter. The documents, and Levison’s comments to us, suggest that although he is a skeptic, he was willing to work with the government: he offered to write intercept code himself to capture their target’s metadata, and acknowledged that the government might have a right to the person’s information. He was willing to turn that information over, as he did in a case involving child pornography; Lavabit’s archived site in fact explicitly states that one of the reasons its most secure services are available to paying customers only is so that if an account “is used for illegal purposes that money trail can be used to track down the account owner.” But the government refused Levison’s offer. It wanted the keys to everything, so he gave it nothing." via - How Lavabit melted down | New Yorker
However Mr Ladar Levison, Owner of Lavabit, is taking on the mighty Government to fight for his rights and the company's operation within the constitutional code. 

Not sure whether Ladar will win the case; but we need to recognise his courage to fight for what he believes in without leaving the country. I hope people support his fight for a more secure & better Internet. 

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