Saturday, January 26, 2013

~ Republic of India ~

Today India is celebrating her 64th Republic Day & I still have hope left in the system for better governance & living. I say that after reading the Justice Verma report.

The commission headed by Justice Verma was setup after the Delhi Gang Rape incident when the politicians for the first time realised that the Youth of this country will no longer sit quietly. People have been taken for granted for many years, by those who rule us.

Justice Verma - former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Justice Leila Seth - former judge of the High Court and Gopal Subramanium - former Solicitor General of India together have done a great job in coming up with a string of amendments to the Criminal Law of India towards a safer place for Women in India. 

The three of them have spent many hours going through the public suggestions & then articulated the public sentiments into Amendments. Summary of the report can be read here.

The road ahead ?

  1. The report gets tabled in the parliament in front of the Politicians to approve these amendments to the Criminal Law. 
  2. Test for all the Politicians irrespective which party they represent to pass the bill as early as possible.
  3. Rules doesn't necessarily guarantee justice. Our Police force need to implement them to the word with due diligence towards the general public.
Lets see how long does it take to achieve the above road bumps which ensures the Laws are in place for safer place. Until Women of this country feel safe and have their rights, we might be a Republic but the Democracy is Farce

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armeen said...

As a woman, I felt quite hopeful after the Justice Verma report. But as you say, implementation is key. We still read of so many rapes. I never felt unsafe in India, but after the Delhi incident, I do think twice before being out at night, or going to certain places alone. Hopefully, India may become a better place, but more of us need to actively work towards making it so.