Thursday, September 20, 2012

~ Reinvention doesn't always help, unless it's better ~

The author nails it on the head *Apple, you really shouldn’t mess with things that work.* That suggestion applies to any company or any individual.

Unless you can improvise an existing product or service for better functionality then why even bother venturing into it. Apple could be doing that for strategic business reasons, which most of us know:

  1. Reduce dependency with Google or Google products
  2. Youtube being the first
  3. Maps being the next
  4. Siri's dependency on Google's Search API is reducing
  5. Thermonuclear war ;)

The consumer will / should always be the king. They deserve better products or services for the money they pay. Today after many users upgrading their devices to iOS6, loyal iPhone users have been complaining about the home grown Maps app by Apple.

Most products or services get better with time. There is lot of ideation, time & energy that goes into product iterations before seeing the light and being accepted by end users. Am sure Apple is gonna turn around and address these trivial burning issues.

However, what appears strange is how can the quality of software deteriorate from an Apple stable. If your next question is why are so many people complaining much for just one app? Well maps is an app which has daily usage by many - for turn-by-turn navigation, finding public transport, etc. Also, Apple has always set the bar high be it - UX, Product Design, Innovation, Ideation, even Project Management. (How do I know about PM? I have been lucky to work with Apple on their Developer Forums community in 2008). When you have set the bar so high, it's natural that people notice the flaws when they are using them.

If Google releases their native Maps app for iOS, then it would be great to see how many users would prefer it over the pre-bundled app.

Just Googled for the title of this post & found Jeff Atwood's  post - Don't Reinvent The Wheel, Unless You Plan on Learning More About Wheels - written in 2009. Makes a good read.


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