Saturday, May 10, 2008

~ Dry Day ~

~ On a DRY day: Tender berry, Water and Green Tea ~

Normally fridays just pass by, you hardly witness the time. But yesterday was very different form the usual fridays; it seemed as though time was frozen.

After a boring day, decided to unwind with Rags @ Le Rock Cafe, off Brigade Road, Rest House Road. Half-way through my journey I realise today is a Dry Day or rather it has been Dry Day for the past two days, due to elections/polls. It didn't strike me or rags earlier, then we decided to do some shopping.

We decided to have our dinner and Rags was very keen on having Thai food, as he wanted to keep track of his chopstick skills. The nearest restaurant we could find was Bamboo Shoots, on Museum Rd. While we walked from Brigade Rd to Shoots, we noticed most of the drinking holes and restaurants were closed; very unusual for a friday evening in Bangalore.

Here you go with our Dry Day evening experience. Finally, we when reached our destination @ 21:25hrs, there were so many people in the lobby of Museum Inn, as it has 2 restaurants - Bamboo Shoot & Angiti - and the pub Tavern attached to the lodging facility. When we spoke to the manager & reserved a table for 2, he promised us one in 45 mins. Under normal circumstances I would have negated the idea of waiting for 45 mins to have dinner, but today was an exception as Rags wanted to taste some spicy Thai food & keep tab on his chopstick skills.

While I killed my time speaking with friends on phone, listening to Katatonia on my pod, watching expressions of various ppl in the lobby, admiring beauty @ times; Rags was busy sitting and solving Sudoku. It was 22:15hrs, when my patience was running out. I called upon Rags to find out if the Manager is even aware of us waiting. He checks with him once again and tells me that he has promised us a table in another 10 mins. I was like WTF, we have to wait an hour to just a get a table. Yes, it was our fault, we didn't have any plans to be here in the first instance & so we didn't have our reservations.

Rags was trying to pacify me, saying he is keeping himself busy with doing Sudoku. I was like dude, if I wanted to keep myself busy then why would I come to a restaurant and be occupied with something? Then we managed to solve his Sudoku, which he was trying for the past 20 mins :P. Still no sign of tasting our Thai delicacy, then I decided to talk to the manager myself and he assured me a table would be given in 5 mins. We thought it would be wise to place our orders, before we occupy our table as they take time to serve us. At last @ 22:35hrs after an hour & something we managed to get a table. The food was great, enjoyed it. Rags was happy with his chopstick experience, except that he would have preferred wooden chops for plastics :).

Overall the day for me has been boring and very DRY. Thanks to the polls which is 7 hrs from now. I am gonna definitely cast my vote and hope the rest of you do.


Kishore Murthy said...

Dry days are the worst to be out on... especially if its Friday night. At least the food you ate was good.

I want to go to Angethi and eat right now. Argh!

Vivek Kondur said...

Yep! we were lucky to have some gud fud at the end. Angethi seemed to be more popular tat nyte, were many ppl waiting longer than us ;)