Tuesday, April 01, 2008

~ I call it a day ~

Hi Everyone,

I have decided to call it a day in my life. I am sorry to inform you so late it all happened so fast, I have quit my current job and have decided to move to GOA. I also wish to share you that i found my dream girl while I was in Scotland & we both will be starting our new beginning.

Keep in touch.

Update: Those who didn't happen to notice the date of the post, it was
Avril de Poisson :)


Bittu said...

Enjoy man.. i jus hope she is not the Christine from Dil Chahta hai.. will come to see u..

Sathish N said...

Hav fun.. Wish you all the best :)

Navin said...

Good to know....
just book me 2 tickets, for me and my wife, and its a long time since i have taken a vacation... specially the on a fools day ;)

Navdeep said...

guru... namge biskut ah?