Thursday, November 08, 2007

~ Of Holidays & Festivals ~

During the past nine months I have been in the UK, realised that I have taken just five days off from my professional duty. A very significant drop in the number of leaves I used to take (have) while I used to live in India. It’s not that I don’t want holidays; rather I don’t have the option to take leave while you are into consulting/contracting job. As of today, the leaves, I am entitled to take in the coming months are 2 state holidays, 3 sick leaves and 2 week paid trip back home.

In India, the months of October and November form the festive season; celebrating Dussera and Deepavali. This being the first time outside India during the festivities, I am feeling the difference in the state of mind; i.e. missing the celebration of the sights, sounds & environment of Deepavali. Of-course I am missing my folks & loved ones, that’s implicit ;).

'Wishing everyone a very warm & happy deepavali'

Have fun! Play safe.

Picture from 3rdeye.

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Neets said...

happy diwali da!