Friday, August 10, 2007

Infosys:IT or Realty?

Yesterday evening me and my roomy where having a very casual debate over 'Is this India's best IT campus?' which appeared on Rediff.

The debate was over whether Infosys is right in constructing Multiplex, bowling alleys, etc; in their campus. They have been on buying large chunks of land @ subsidized prices in various parts of the country.

Roomy's view:
They shouldn't be constructing Multiplex, bowling alleys, etc; on the land which was obtained at subsidized prices for IT.

My view:
Every IT company in Karnataka had the same level playing field in getting the land @ subsidized prices. Once they have purchased the land, its upto the respecetive companies to utilize the land according to the vision & goal of the organisation.

Looking forward to know your perspective on this.

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Vasu the terrible said...

First of all its wrong to assume that if someone buys land he can do anything with it. Especially agricultural land denying farmers of their only livelyhood.

There a land use clause when large amount of land is handed over.

Secondly there is a registrar of companies which clearly specifies what your company should do. A software company cannot run hotels and club houses. That is a violation.

legality apart, it is important to ask the question, is the infy model right ? ethically. buying large tracts of land and building golf courses.