Friday, July 06, 2007

Apple blunder?

I have been anxiously waiting for my MBP (MacBookPro) from 21st June. Today when I hit Apple bridge-point for tracking my order status, here is what I didn't expect from Apple....just check the snapshot.

Did u spot the blunder?
If you haven't then go back and check the Date mentioned against 'Estimated Delivery Date', it says '04 Jul 2007 (Subject to change)'. Wonder if anyone can go back in time? I am not the lonly soul who has experienced this, check out Bri Guest's second comment on the apecode forum.

Hope there won't be such blunders with their 'Time Machine'


mungler said...

actually, that info comes from the courier's web API, so its their blunder, not apple's ;)

Vivek Kondur said...

Doesn't matter anymore, got the mac few mins back! :)