Friday, April 27, 2007

Foods I have been missin

...... in the past 2 months, because there isn't one decent Indian restaurant or they simply don't seem to exist in Kirkcaldy. Let me classify the food I have been missin for breakfast, lunch/dinner & snacks.

1) Idli & Vada along with sambhar & coconut chutney @ home / Adiga's / any dharshini.
2) Masala Dosa @ home / Adiga's / any dharshini
3) Avalakki / Poha @ home
4) Kharabath / Upma /Uppittu @ home / restaurant
5) Poori @ home
6) Onion Uttappa @ any dharshini

Lunch / Dinner
1) Raagi Roti which mom prepares or @ Hallimane Restaurant, Malleshwaram
2) Bisi-bele-bath @ home
3) South Indian lunch @ home
4) Andhra styled lunch @ Nandhini or any other andhra style restaurant in Bangalore.
5) Curd rice with onions, cashews & pomegranate with pickle.
6) Wide variety of Indian curries along with Roti
7) Stuffed paranthas - onions/radish/cauliflower - with yogurt @ Paratha Plaza.

1) Indian Chats - bhel puri, dhai puri, masala puri - @ Adiga's; pani puri - any corner guy; congress masala, tomato spread @ 13th Cross Malleshwaram.
2) Mysore bondaa, Masala vada with hot coffee @ Hallimane.
3) Paneer Sandwich with fresh fruit juice @ Vijaya Bakery, Bhashyam Circle, Sadhashiv Nagar.
4) Sandwiches with fresh fruit juice @ Casapicola, Cunningham Rd.
5) Different chais with bruschettas @ Infintea, Cunningham Rd.
6) Bread toasts, pastries & veg puffs @ Pooja / Vijaya / Iyengar Bakery.
7) Cafe Mocha @ St. Marks Rd Barista / 100 Ft Rd Indira Nagar Cafe Coffee Day

These are some of the dishes which I could think of & post it....may be more names would follow. This post is in response to the post 'Foods I Cannot Have' by Firang Squirrel. I can correlate to Squirrel's gastronomical state very easily.

Even though the food here is very appealing, but, they are very bland for your taste-buds. I like my food to be hot'n'spicy, which is missing in most of the dishes you get here. Even the Indian dishes aren't spicy :(

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Rags said...

things you missed out:
1. filter kaapi (i know u dont drink much)
2. pulyogare, gojju avalakki
3. all those crazy vegetable that like all those green/red leaves, drumstick, bitterguard, okra and the ones i cant name in english (or any other language) i only know they their taste and man do i miss them
.... also styx, windsor, bluenile (and all the other palces we got drunk)
<tears> i miss all of these too, now that im in pune. u dont get good south food in most places in pune. and when im home in bangalore i have got no one accompany me to hallimane. ooo! i cant go on it hurts we miss you so much. believe me dude, the first time you get sick you will miss your folks like crazy. i know im making you feel nostalgic, you go_to_bed_by_11_mommy's_boy(that was intension - to make u feel miserable)</tears>