Sunday, December 03, 2006

'The Invisible Guy' turns a year older

Yesterday 'The Invisible Guy' turned an year older. Just looking back at the past year, realised that life has been good to me.
  • my hairline has receded even more:)
  • lost many friends to an anchor called 'marriage'
  • financially OK!...but still yearning for MORE
  • shot many people @ different places through my FZ-30
  • tryin to be mature in the current relationship
  • become more wiser
  • developed loads of patience
  • professionally honed my skills
  • added more gadgets - Panasonic FZ-30, iPod, SE K608i
Thank you everyone for the wishes.


vincent & radhika said...

Good resolutions and reflections!!!
Another year to pass by!!!

Vivek Kondur said...

only reflections, resoultions too are arnd the corner;)

priya said...

Current Relationship ???;) which one is that dude