Monday, September 04, 2006

Tribute to Steve Irwin

~Steve Irwin~

Steve Irwin a.k.a 'Croc Hunter', as most of us have known him, is no more with us. Nat, broke to this news to me an hour and half ago. I was shocked to hear it in the first place and couldn't believe it, asked her twice before I could digest the news.

'The 44-year-old was killed by a stingray barb which pierced his chest while he was shooting a documentary on the Great Barrier Reef'. For more, read this,from 'The Sydney Morning Herald'.

I have watched many of Steve's shows on Animal Planet and enjoyed all of them. He has always amazed me with his documentaries, especially the one in which he swam with Crocs, am not really sure if there is anyone else who has done that. He is fun to watch, no matter which animal he speaks about, he always tells you so much about the subject that you never get bored watching his show. His style of narration was very unique & Aussie and loved them. I feel no one can ever substitute him in what he used to do, he was the best @ his job.

I feel very sad about how death came upon him, who had lived all his life so closely with nature, trying to understand them and was killed by one of them. He did many things which most of us would have dare to do it in our wildest dreams.

I know he will be missed by millions of people across the world, hope his family can handle this incident emotionally.

Image Source: | News: The Sydney Morning Herald

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manuscrypts said...

like i read somewhere, "he died exactly as he had lived, dangerously"