Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Abstract Art

~ Atomic Life ~

~ Abstract Lines ~

~ Absolute Abstract ~

So, what do u think of my Abstract Art? How much are you willing to pay me for the above art work?

It took me just 10 minutes to create all the 3 masterpieces ;). I am not kidding, just 10 mins; even you could be an abstract artist. If you are wondering how could that be possible? Then visit, a website by Miltos Manteas. Really interesting piece of flash animation based on "Splatter". For more you can read Action Painting from wiki.


V N said...

First time here, vivek. Came over from Sach's blog, and was having a general read around ur place!! :) I especially liked this link that u provided. Seems like great fun!

I have seen more 'abstract' paintings that look half as good as ur creations fetch huge prices at some of those exhibitions. Maybe u shud give a try as well!! :) LOL!!

U have a nice blog going on here. Shall be back for more. Happy Blogging!

Vivek Kondur said...

Hey Velu,

Thanks! for dropping by.

Painting was one of my active hobbies during my school & college days, these days I don't get much time to do the same. Found this cool tool which let me do @ my desktop.

I am planning to hold my exhibition sometime during this year & I hope u drop by and bid for them :D