Sunday, April 09, 2006

Fireflies Festival of Sacred Music - 2006

'The Stage - Fireflies Festival of Sacred Music - 2006'

Firflies Festival of Sacred Music -2006 is an annual music festival which is organised by Fireflies Ashram @ their premises which is located in Kaggalipura village off Kanakapura Road. This is the 4rd edition of the event & the theme of this year's festival is "Inner and outer journey in the context of globalisation". The previous 3 editions were known as 'Bhoomi Jathre'(in Kannada) which translates to 'Earth Festival' in English. Thanks to Vasu, who had been there on two earlier editions & letting me know of such unqiue music festival.

We - Vasu, Kishore, Rags, Ranjit, Nita, Nithin, Nishant & myself - reached the Fireflies Ashram @ around 7 pm; Malhar joined us @ around 9pm. The music festival was an all night affair which started off @ Dusk of 8th April and ended @ Dawn of 9th April. I have been to many music concerts, college fests & other musical festivals, but this music festival was something very different & unique. The unqiueness of this festival comes from various factors - the music, people (the organisers & the audidence) & the place. It has been 10 hours since I stepped out of that place and the sounds still reverberates inside me. This edition had a very wide genre of music - Classical, Carnatic, Choir, Folk, Hindustani, Hawain, Jazz, Percussion & Sufi. I have never had the oppurtunity to experience so much variety in music over a night, except here @ Fireflies. Also the audience was very mature who appreciated every performance;
this is what makes this festival so unique.

'The Groups/Bands that performed during this edition'

Music is something that binds people, bridges countries & diminishes the physical boundaries in this world. It also helps one to connect with the artist performing & at the same time helps you connect to yourself. There were many times during the night where I was totally immeresed in the music which let me connect to myself. This years theme was very much focused on that 'Inner & Outer Journey' - I truly experienced both of them during the night. Currently I am soaked with the music, sights & sounds of the Fireflies Festival & it will remain fresh for some more days.

I have only one suggestion for the organisers of this amazing music festival, make it smoke free next time. I am sure we can get our HIGHS by listening to the MUSIC & we don't need WEED nor ALCOHOL.

Update I: I managed to capture few moments from the festival, you can now visit the album here.
Upadet II: You can visit Kishore's album from the same festival here.

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