Monday, March 14, 2005

Was Asian Tsunami triggered? Trying to find the truth.

Yesterday night one of my friend said that The Asian Tsunami was an artificial one which means it was triggered. I could not believe that initally and we were still debating over it the whole night. Then my friend says there is a technology through which you can trigger such natural disasters too and it is called HAARP - High-frequency Active Aural Research Program. I guess by now you should have thought who is the master of this technology, if you didn't get it right it is US of A.

When i asked my friend for more details on this he asked me to do bit of R&D on that. So after spending sometime on the internet, i found that many of them have aired their views on this future technology and how it could be used for warfares; Some view this as another conspiracy against US of A, but i am realy confused at the end of the day. Everyday as the technology gets more sophisticated and advanced, the world is getting more complex to understand.

End of the day Technology is a "Double-Edged" sword it can be used for the good as well as bad. So it all depeneds on how one wants to use it and in whose hands it lies.

The other day while i was airing my opinions on my friends blog on Pentagon strike (during 9/11), this guy misunderstood my opinions and accuses me of spreading conspiracy theory. I am not taking sides this time either, but rather i am searching for the truth.

Here are few URLs on

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2) Conspiracy News
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3) About Diego Garcia
Diego Garcia
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perspective said...

yeah something i brooded over too... u know... especially when i found out about the snow storm in Dubai, and odd sort of weather changes...and then stepping upon the book of Sidney Sheldon...
I just so wish this isnt true...
Today there was an earthquake in Mumbai, pune and Goa... now how many more lives and how many more such traumas can the developing countries take?
oh i am furious!

StaticCompost said...

I don't know if the US triggered the Tsunami, it sounds next to impossible. The Tsunami was caused by a massive underwater earthquake that caused the enourmous waves. I'm not sure how anyone could cause a underwater earthquake of such proportions. But I will undoubtfully be looking into it. What could the US have gained from this?

Vivek Kondur said...

@Perspective: Yeah there has been varying climatic changes across the world over the past 3 months. Hope all the unusal weather patterns are natural and not controlled by anyone.

@Jordon: As i have said i am not blaming US for the Asian Tsunami, but trying to find the truth. Since the possibilites cannot be ruled out.

small squirrel said...

Yes, well, all kinds of technology exists, but I do not for one blessed minute believe that the US caused the Tsunami. I am sure one could find anything on the internet to support absolutely ANY claim. People found information supporting spurrious claims about 9/11. I live less than a mile from the pentagon. I was enraged and horrified by those accusations. And while I most certainly do not stand by the actions of the US usually in our dealings with world politics, it simply makes no sense to posit (not implying that you did say it....) that the US caused the tsunami.... it's actually a pretty ugly thing to say....

Vivek Kondur said...

@Squirrel: Yup all kinds of technology exits in the world. But it depends on how we use them, many in the world are not even aware such technologies exists.

I'm not pointing finger @ US for this.

StaticCompost said...

Don't worry Vivek, I wasn't implying that you were pointing the finger at the US. Personally I think it would be impossible to trigger an event like this, but Iam looking into it.

compassioNAT said...

Interesting post..while this technology may exists..i highly doubt that the tsunamis was a result of that. it doesnt quite make sense to me. what can the US get out of this?

besides,an underwater earthquake measuring 9 on the ritcher scale is extremely powerful...enough to bring on a full-scale tsunamis

Vivek Kondur said...

Hey Nat!,

You never know what is happening in the world.