Tuesday, January 04, 2005


There are moments in life when u realize that nobody is yours!

Family, Friends, relatives, no one!

You feel as if the world is empty!

Empty of love!

Strangers at this time really try to console you,

Try to ask you your problems!

But don’t you think by telling them everything,

You become close to the stranger somehow!

You become a strangers’ friend, relative or something…!

And again if that stranger, in further life breaks your heart!

Will you have the strength to tell your heart to anyone in future?

There are moments in life when you realize that nobody is yours!

Family, friends, relatives, no one!

When you feel the feeling!

Feeling of an orphan!

Your heart & brain at this time really tries to console you!

Tells you in the night that everything will be just fine!

What you need is patience & perseverance !

So just go off to sleep, don’t waste up your tears!

In the morning they try to distract you from the agony!

By the afternoon when you fight with the brain that it lied with you,

The heart varnishes you with the coats of verses!

Verses of life!

Saying that life is the longest thing one ever has in his/her life & it shows you many things!

Love, Hatred, Charm, Care, Terror, Sadness, & What Not!

By the time it is evening,

And the brain tells you that the time isn’t far!

When everything will be alright!

Everyone will understand you!

Will understand the meaning of you!

Your worth!

It’s night again!

And you again are into tears!

And the shameless, heart & brain come back to you,

And this time you try to put them away!

You shout at them, scream at them!

But they are with you!

Still trying to console!

I don't know who wrote this one, all the credit goes to the person who wrote this.


StaticCompost said...

I like the author's seperation of emotions between the actual emotion and the damaged mind's permission.

small squirrel said...

well, we've all felt like this at one time or another... life is a cyclical process of learning and unlearning just about everything. I shout at my mind and my heart almost daily... shout in anger, in joy, in love... until I can be silent. Then I do it all over again.