Wednesday, July 07, 2004

The Great Indian IT Industry

Indian IT professionals have earned a lot of fame all over world for there expertise in any domain under IT. No doubt about that,i am proud being one.
It has been 11 months since i have enetered this "IT Industry" and i already have loads of experience. Some of them which i will never experience anywhere else and some really eye openers.

During my early days in this industry, i had the oppurtunity to work with some of the best people in the field. Later on i started realeasing how exactly this so called IT Industry works. Most folks(IT professionals) have loads of Experience in there CV's. But later on get to know the real experience they have when u start working with them. myself i am not the best in what i do, i can rate myself as any average guy. But some of my folks with so called Experience, really don't even have that much techincal knowledge. I don't want to generalise all the IT Professional here, but i feel most of the people who have spent there time ideally with out a job, add such kind of fake experience in their CV's. They work for a single company and when they plan to jump for another comapny they add the experience and cover up smartly. The management who hires these Exp. folks pay them so much just for that Exp. they posses.

I don't know how many people in this industry are like that, may be it happening from the intial time the IT boom happened in India. But all i can say is that sometimes it is not really worth paying such pay checks for a guy who hardly does any productive work for the company. And moreover it works out very well for such Exp people to move from company to company when the IT industry is blooming once again. As the popular saying goes "Make hay when the sun shines", these people are following the same.

I don't know whether it happens in any other industry, but it surely does happen in IT Industry and it surely happens in INDIA.

Hopefully the people who are into recruiting Exp people, do the right check before hiring there services.

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