Thursday, May 22, 2014

~ The drones are coming ~

Forget Robots, the Drones are coming. They are gonna take up a lot of different roles, just not delivery goods or disaster management or dropping bombs. They can also take your dog for a walk :)

Yesterday a Mumbai based eatery delivered pizza using a drone.


If thats not good then you should check out what the New York based videographer do with the drone

Do share if you have come across more interesting use-cases of drones.

Friday, May 16, 2014

~ India 2014 ~

I might not have witnessed freedom struggle for Indian independence. However, I did witness something historic & significant today,16 May 2014, which is decimation of Indian National Congress (INC) Party and freedom from them for next 5 years {or may be more}.

If you look at the shaded map below, the regions highlighted in blue show the impact and presence of INC. That is how badly the grand-old dynastic political party have performed in 16th Loksabha Elections of India.

The number of seats won by the BJP in Loksabha elections is probably biggest by a Non-Congress party in Independent India. Am happy that people of India have given a good mandate for the NDA to serve us better. Am sure Muslims did vote for Modi (BJP/NDA) considering the number of seats won in UP & Bihar and complete results in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Delhi.

The man at the helm is Narendra Modi, who has done the planning and work to get his party the majority. He has been hounded by media (both national & international), many political parties, countries have denied VISA & many intellectuals have spoken their mind on Gujarat Riots, Development of state, etc. Today while he spoke at Vadodara, he stated once again that he will work for every Indian & with every MP. Also stated that he wanted support from various political parties to take India ahead.

It is time people for Narendra Modi & his team to deliver in the coming 5 years as they have a clear mandate & majority. The elections results have silenced many of the Journalists, Political Spokespersons, Intellectuals, Pseudo-Seculars - who were spreading messages of fear amongst the minorities if Modi becomes PM during the campaigns.

I wish to see Modi go by his words that were made during the elections campaign that stressed upon betterment of every Indian citizen over Religion / Caste. Hope we Indians also raise above religion in our thinking and evolve for good. 

A good opposition is needed to have check and keep the ruling party grounded in Democracy. Hope Aam Admi Party & Congress do their retrospective studies and give some fight in the upcoming Delhi & Bihar Elections. If the Congress thinks they can divide and rule Indians they will end up with another defeat. First, move away from being a Dynastic political party. 

If you want to know why congress lost then check out the gems from the Rahul Gandhi, Vice President of Congress. Am sure you will enjoy them & thank me for sharing it :)

Elections results can be found on Election Commission of India or highly interactive visualisation by Gramener.

Good night!

~ Social Media & Indian Elections 2014 ~

Social Media has played an vital role in India's central elections which took place between April'14 & May'14.

BJP got it's marketing strategy correctly with the help of (CAG) Citizens Accountability Group that is helping the NDA lead the elections as of now.

Twitter one of the Social Media which was widely used by Politicians, Journalists, Celebrities & Citizens gave a glimpse and the pulse of the nation and mood of #Elections2014. Here is an article on how the world tweeted to India's elections.

Here’s the winner of #IndianElections on Twitter, which was used by major political parties

Here is an visualization of hotspots on how the world Tweeted related to India's elections. 

Here are the tweets related to #Elections2014 from 1/1/14 to 16/5/14.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

~ Smartphones & dumb people ~

If you haven't yet watched this movie then please do. Technology is a catalyst to make lives easier & simple. As with everything if you end up over doing a specific thing then you become an addict & need rehabilitation. 

So lookup & stare away from the display. Move away from "Always connected" in the virtual world to being with family & friends in the real world. We only have finite time to live, so enjoy it!

'Look Up' - A spoken word film for an online generation

Monday, May 12, 2014

~ Arsenal 2014 ~

Man City won crucial ties, scored more goals & rightly deserve to be the champions of 2014.

However, Gunners stayed at top of the league for the maximum number of days - 128 and ended up finishing 4th. 

It doesn't matter how many days the team stayed on top of the table unless they remain their at the end of season. 

COYG! win the FA cup and end the trophy draught.

~ Evaluate ~

Most of us have misplaced objectives who value tea-cup more than tea. Seth Godin has a good post "Speedometer confusion" that offers us insight into how we shape our lives with what we have vs what we want.

The number on the speedometer isn't always an indication of how fast you're getting to where you're going.
You might, after all, be driving in circles, really quickly.
Campbell's Law tells us that as soon as a number is used as the measurement for something, someone will get confused and start gaming the number, believing that they're also improving the underlying metric, when, in actuallity, they're merely making the number go up. 
Here are a few measurements that are often the result of speedometer confusion:
  • Book sales vs. Impact
  • Money vs. Happiness
  • Twitter followers vs. Anything
  • Money raised vs. Votes earned
  • Weight vs. Health
  • Income vs. Skill
  • Facebook likes vs. Liked
  • Tenure vs. Competence
  • Length vs. Quality
  • Faster? How about better?